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Programs at Orange Cars Philippines

| Jul 14, 2014
In the world of travel, car rental is necessary. It is also highly recommended in the business world. However, it is very challenging to find a well-trusted car rental company. Luckily, Orange Cars Philippines offer interesting deals and amazing programs.

There are three well-known programs offered by Orange Cars. First, the company offers car lease program. It's part of a corporate operating lease and fleet management solution. Second, the company provides car rental service. In that case, it's an on demand rental service with a driver. Third, you can take advantage of choosing a pre-owned car with the assistance of their staff.

In all transactions with the car rental company, you will experience convenience and simplicity. But don't get me wrong. Their services are geared towards providing luxury.

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Simple and Convenient Car Rental Deals

We know that the Internet is a source of amazing deals and promos. With the popularity of coupon codes and special offers, it is very tempting to go for it. After all, online users love to save money on their purchases.

In terms of car rental Philippines, Orange Cars company is highly recommended. If you have not researched about it, check their website and consider several benefits when you acquire their services. Don't worry. There's no clutter in the company's website. All pages are very informative.

One of the enticing deals of Orange Cars is the Airport Transfer BMW 520D. The deal is airport transfer from Makati Central Business District or Bonifacio Global City Taguig to NAIA I, II, III and Domestic Airport Terminals for as low as Php 2,000. It's a remarkable deal. What do you think?

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Peugeot: Hourly Car Hire with Chauffeur


In all parts of the world, car rental is a ubiquitous industry. It is part of the travel business that many of us should not ignore. Since there are myriad offers according to the requirements of customers, it isn’t difficult to sign up for hourly car hire with a driver.

Why is it practical to hire a driver and rent a car from a reputable car rental company? It’s obvious. There’s no need to spend time commuting to complete all your tasks. It is very convenient and affordable.

At Orange Cars, Peugeot 508 1.6 eHDI ACTIVE is for hire on an hourly basis. The package comes with a chauffeur, too. You’ll have an opportunity to reach to your destination without hassle by renting a car for as low as P400.00 per hour. It has a minimum guarantee of 10-hour service. Don't worry. These days, Rent a Car Philippines is so popular throughout the country especially in terms of luxurious service.

Many people suggest that renting a car on an hourly basis is better than any option. Some packages are offered based on your needs so you don’t have to worry about it.
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For Corporate Errand: Rent a Kia Picanto


It is an enormous challenge to complete a corporate task that involves some distance. If it requires travel to a specific location, there’s no better way than seeking assistance from a car rental company. After all, it is convenient and easy to arrange on a case-to-case basis.

For corporate business, driving a rented brand new car is a hit nowadays. It’s an option for many corporate stakeholders and executive officers since there’s no need to maintain a company car. 

Obviously, this is only applicable when the task is not incessant. If it’s only for a specific objective that the company leaders required of you, why not just rent a car?

At Orange Cars, you can lease a brand new Kia Picanto 1.0L MT that starts at P750.00 a day. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this amazing offer?

The business world is full of competition. Everyone wants to get ahead. Obviously, rent a car option is one way to stay on top of the commercial race. Trust the Philippines Car Rental Companies now.
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Best Cars: Hourly Rental at Its Best

Are you a traveler? Do you have trips that need a car for hire transaction? Well, it's a popular set-up for voyagers, business owners and families these days. They'll get into their desired destination on time and in a better way.

Now is the time to pick your best car rental company according to your needs. It doesn't have to be expensive because the primary concerns for such arrangement are time-bound transactions, use of quality cars and ease of travel. Who wouldn't want to hire a reliable bus rental company?

We will give Orange Cars a warm welcome! It's one of the most trusted car rental company in the Philippines. For now, I'm leading the way to their website, which is obviously well-designed. The tagline "Choose Orange" is absolutely appropriate.

Don't hesitate to check the website of Orange Cars since you'll get useful information about cars for rent. For Car Rental Philippines, choose a company that prefers comfort over anything.
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My Favorite Small House Designs

| May 23, 2014
Have you tried looking for small house designs? It's something that I want to do next month after we have purchased a 150 square meter property in a nearby neighborhood. We planned to create a small house that will meet our needs.

However, I'm more interested with cabin house designs. I like small, tidy and easy to manage properties. To make it more attractive, I'll have flower plants all over the garden area, well-arranged and properly nourished.
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Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

| May 12, 2014
For so long, I have not written a post in this blog. I was so busy with my other online journal, that's why. But now, with all my love for blogging, I am going to share an inspiring place for all of us - the Copacabana Palace Hotel.

Recently, I discovered an amazing profile of the glamorous hotel at Daily Mail and I am so happy to share it with you. I haven't been to Rio de Janeiro and I realized I wanted to include it in my list of places to visit in the future.

I am so intrigued with the immense beauty of the place as seen in photos but I know that it is magnificent in reality. Knowing that popular world leaders, celebrities and businessmen flock to the place, it is truly a wonderful place in the world of travel. The popular guests of the hotel are Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

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Amazing Things at Watercamp Resort

| Oct 24, 2013
Nowadays, many people find it fulfilling to share their thoughts on travel, food and other interesting topics. The Internet became a massive sharing field for all people across the globe. To cope up with the hype, I decided to blog about my favorite travel destinations, food trips and fashion decisions. In this post, let's talk about the amazing things at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. Of all Cavite resorts, the place is considered unique with its beautifully designed wave pool.

There are two important things that are considered amazing at Watercamp Resort. First, the accommodation facilities are stunning. The guests are free to choose between the standard rooms, family de luxe rooms and the family villas. Two to three persons may choose to enjoy a standard room while the family de luxe room is perfect for a small family. For larger groups of guests, the family villa is highly recommended.

Second, the resort has amazing swimming pools. It has six swimming pools for the guests such as Mini Wave Pool, Kidney-shaped pool with slides, 16-meter Lazy River, Children's Interactive Pool, Dunk Pool for 2 level slides and adult pool. Obviously, many people love the wave pool. Lastly, the food in the resort is also delicious. 
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Laser in Dermatology Program

There are many ways to stay beautiful these days. Although age is an important factor in the beauty department, there are ways to discard it all at once. Let's say a person wants to look younger. The perfect solution is focus on skin health. In that sense, laser in dermatology courses became popular in the industry. There are many physicians who are inspired to learn more about the treatment to keep up with the demands of their clients.

The role of Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center in providing laser in dermatology course to physicians and allied health professionals is very essential. Of course, dermatology is an important tool in maintaining the beauty of clients that physicians do on a regular basis. Because of the school's ongoing program, laser technology became an effective tool in the field of medicine.
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Krincess Carl Fashion Blog

| Oct 8, 2013
My new project is a product of all the training sessions that I had in the past. Krincess Carl is my other name and I used it for my new fashion blog.

However, I'll still be updating this blog.
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PRO-FRIENDS launches new mobile site for better customer service

| Jun 22, 2013
Scouting for your next home while waiting in line at the grocery store or while commuting to work? PRO-FRIENDS, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines, makes this possible with the launch of their new mobile site at

“We launched this mobile site to cater to our tech savvy market who are always on the go. We want to be more accessible to them by becoming more visible in new media platforms such as this, which they can easily access through their smartphones or tablets  any time of the day,” said Richard Tay, PRO-FRIENDS vice president for marketing.

The mobile-friendly site allows the user to zoom in and out of the pages, a specific feature for mobile devices. The mobile site makes sending inquiries easier as easy as tapping an icon. The auto call feature allows the user to reach a customer service representative by just pressing the call icon while the auto email feature allows for sending a quick message to a customer service representative without the hassle of typing an email address. And a more prominent social media integration tool allows the user to share on Facebook and Twitter, making the selection of a new home easier with shared input from people who matter.

Earlier this year, PRO-FRIENDS launched its QR (Quick Response) code campaign, which allows a user to access the specific website for its different projects such as Ilustrata Residences, Parc Regency Residences, Lancaster Estates, Bellefort Estates, and The Palms Lakeshore. The QR codes can be found in various PRO-FRIENDS ads or posters.

To download a QR code scanner, tap on the search bar in the app store for iPhone/iPad or Google Play app for Android devices, look for preferred QR code scanner, then click install.

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The Pink House Effect

| May 10, 2013
The best ways to enjoy the Information Age is to find photos of the things that we've been hoping for. In my case, I search for photos of my favorite cars, shopping havens, fashion items and even houses. Recently, I gave another round of looking at pink house photos. In this post, let me share with you an amazing photo of a pink house that I've discovered in a realty blog.

Do you like colorful houses? I know that my husband won't approve a pink-hued house, but I'm really attracted with this one. The ceiling matched with the exterior color and the veranda. There's an attic and the design is unique. It seemed that all spaces are useful. What do you think?
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