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Health Benefits of Vegetable Salad

| Aug 25, 2014

We need to take care of our body. It’s an essential task that we should not take for granted. When it comes to health, we rely on the expertise of physicians who are trained well. At Sharjiah University Laser Training andResearch Center, many doctors have been benefited for having participated in trainings and programs.

Aside from that, we also follow other tips such as performing physical exercise and eating a balanced diet. One of the healthy food preparations is vegetable salad. Here are the health benefits of eating vegetable salad.

  1. It has fiber. It can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation.

  1. It contributes to overall health. Salads have fruits and vegetables as main ingredients. By eating fruits and vegetables, we gain nutrients for our body.

  1. You'll likely have higher blood levels of a host of powerful antioxidants (vitamin C and E, folic acid, lycopene, and alpha- and beta-carotene

Let’s enjoy preparing vegetable salad. It’s really enticing.

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Eight Tips for Swimmers

| Aug 22, 2014
The popularity of Watercamp Resort in Cavite is notable nowadays. Thanks to its safe, inviting and well-designed swimming pools.

In case of swimming, there are several things to remember. After all, we prioritize to offer safety and convenience while in the resort. To help you stay safe while swimming, we would like to share eight tips for swimmers.

1. Don’t stay long on an inflated tire especially when the sun is high.

2. Don’t leave live coals or any hot objects along the beach. Cool them off with water at once after using.

3. Don’t drink or minimize drinking liquor in the premises of the beach. If drunk, don’t swim.

 4. Don’t engage in unnecessary conversation with the lifeguard.

5. Don’t fake troubles or call for help.

6. Don’t use breakables objects on the beach. If any are found, pick them up and throw them away for your safety and of the others.

7. Don’t substitute the use of floating devices for swimming ability.

8. Don’t overestimate your ability by attempting long distance swims.

The list isn’t limited. What would you add to my list?

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The Necessity of Taking a Vacation

| Aug 19, 2014
Every time I want to unwind after days of writing, I prepare for a weekend getaway. One of my favorite destinations is Watercamp Resort in Cavite. I also visit resorts in Laguna and other neighboring areas.

When I got married, my love of travel was heightened. My husband also loves to travel so it wasn’t difficult for me. We included in our travel plans the idea of visiting islands. So we dropped by Camiguin Island in one of our trips to Mindanao.

Now that I’m fully charged, after taking a two-year vacation from working so hard in the metro, I’m ready to travel again. This time, my plans are more concrete.

I’ll travel for three reasons.

1. To unwind

We know that relief from every day strains restores the joy of living. Remember, your vacation must be sensibly planned. Make sure to list down the activities that you want to do while on a vacation.

Personally, I go on a vacation to unwind because I’m a writer. Sometimes it’s boring to just stay at home and mechanically perform household tasks everyday.

2. To learn

It’s essential to learn something while you’re on the road. It’s a requirement, not just a whim. Why? You’ll never really enjoy being on the road without learning something along the way.

I learned a new skill while visiting a new place. I became acquainted with ornamental plants, too. And the list goes on.

3. To earn

Obviously, I also earned money while travelling. Except during vacation days, I travel to sell something or do something for a client such as research and writing. After all, the ideas that I collected during trips are useful in my writing tasks.

These reasons are vital to my plans in life. I want to enrich my blog so it’s necessary to widen my route.

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Kite Flying as a Vacation Activity

One night, I was busy listing down activities for our yearly vacation. I had already on the list the thrill of hiking, bird watching, roaming in the beach, participating in cooking lessons in a locality and swimming in a resort. There are hundreds of magnificent Cavite resorts near or place so it wasn't a problem. But I’m still in need of fresh ideas about activities for the trip.

Then, I thought about kite flying. Do you like it? I’ve done it before when I was a kid.

Nowadays, I rarely find people flying their kites in open field. I wonder if it’s a suitable travel activity.

Here are some tips for kite fliers. When kite flying, be sure to remember these tips.

1. Keep away from power lines, streets, creeks, pools and playing fields with holes. Obviously, these are dangerous areas that you should avoid.

2. Have the cord or string wound into a ball. Let it unwind in such a way that your feet or arms will not be caught if the wind suddenly becomes strong.

3. If a kite is caught on electric wires, do not try to get it yourself. Ask for the help of older persons. You can also bring a spare kite if necessary.

4. Wind the cord in a ball after flying a kite to prevent anybody from being caught in it.

5. Always inform your parents where you are going to fly a kite.

Obviously, this activity is also perfect during picnic hours. Bring extra snacks and drinks to make it more enjoyable. After all, refreshments are really necessary while kite flying.

Don’t forget to bring extra clothes and face towel. It will help you stay fresh while enjoying the activity.


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Tips on How to Discover and Develop Ideas

The time has come to enrich our ideas in discovering and developing things. The Information Age has ripened. All of us can take advantage of it. Here are tips to let our creative juices flow tremendously.


If you want to observe many things, visit public places. During travel, examine simple things.

Personally, I’m so amazed of the wave pool design at Watercamp Resort in Cavite, especially the arrangement of the pools. I also like the shows at Manila Ocean Park. The beauty of Tagaytay City has inspired me to write a short story about two young lovers.


Ask anything about something that you’re interested about. In the process of asking relevant and irrelevant questions, you’ll be amazed of the hidden knowledge that you can discover.

I didn’t know that handshakes started during the cavemen. Luckily, I asked questions while having a discussion with a friend. When I got home, I researched about it. Indeed, it was a common greeting in that point of time. In my first novel, I included an idea of handshake greeting with a twist.

Discuss ideas with others

Think about it. Other people also know something that you don’t know. Let them spill it out to you. It’s for your benefit.

I learned many things after a close friend of mine shared about a movie. At home, I created a beautiful design of a dress because of it.

Write down every idea that comes to mind and enlarge on it.

I always carry a pen and paper. Do you like writing down notes? I do. Since I’m forgetful, I do it on purpose.

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Orange Cars Philippines and the Car Rental Industry

| Aug 15, 2014
Every time I see signs that offer cars for rent, I think of my travel plans. I want to visit distant places that I haven’t visited before. No wonder I participate in community projects that involve travel escapades.

Because travelling is a popular pastime of many people, it follows that the car rental industry become so progressive. In fact, the number of chartered vehicles tripled this year as reported by reliable travel news sources. Since Orange Cars Philippines entered the scene, many people became excited and prefer renting vehicles for family and group trips.

The above-mentioned car rental company is very accessible. Aside from checking their website, you can visit their office. The office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. For questions beyond office hours, weekends and holidays, you can call their customer representatives via (+63 2) 843 4343 local 4264. 
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10 Tips On How to Motivate Yourself to Become a Good Driver

These days, rent a car Philippines is popular. Since the travel industry became even more popular, it’s impossible not to rent a car to reach distant places. No wonder it’s necessary to motivate yourself to become a good driver.

1. I shall not violate speed laws. If I exceed safe speed limits, I know the terrible accidents nay happen.

2. I shall not drive after drinking or when drowsy or overly tired.

3. I shall always signal my intention when making turns.

4. I shall be courteous and respect the rights of every driver and pedestrian.

5. I shall slow down at sundown and whenever road conditions are not safe.

6. I shall be specifically cautious at all intersections.

7. I shall observe and obey highway signs and traffic signals.

8. I shall dim my lights when other cars approach at night.

9. I shall slow down at schools, playgrounds, hospitals and other dangerous zones.

10. I shall not pass on curves, hills or where the view is blocked.

By paying attention to these motivating words, road accidents can be avoided. Remember, life is worth more than anything.
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Being Cautious in Driving: What It Means To All of Us

Many lives have been lost because of irresponsible driving. The end result is irrevocably detrimental to those who are victims of road accidents. If lives are sometimes lost, others are permanently disabled that affected their lifestyle. No wonder it is necessary to be cautious in driving. It means life, that’s all.

If time will come that you will rent a car at Orange Cars Philippines, you need to apply the following tips.

So what does being cautious on the road means? There are six things to remember for that matter.

1. Be careful in every intersection – specifically a multiple-lane intersection, where you look instantly at the first lane of traffic you will come in contact with, moving your eyes left-right-left, before you proceed into the intersection.

2. Remember that it takes only a split second of distracted attention on the part of drivers to miss a traffic sign or signal.

3. Be alert and cautious particularly at intersections where traffic and regulatory signs can be hidden by buildings, fences, or shrubbery.

4. Be sure you are never caught short when you pass – passing only when you have plenty of room to pull out safely, overtake, and pull back-in long before a driver coming from an opposite direction has to alter his speed or course.

5. Expect the unexpected to happen. For instance, expect that a driver coming from an opposite direction won’t give way to another driver who’s caught short. The skilled driver predicts and makes allowances for such drivers, giving them plenty of room.

6. Be ready to yield the right-of-way at all times, convinced that the possible injury, death, loss of time and personal property damage are not worth insisting on his right-of-way “right.”

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Bus Rentals in the Philippines

| Aug 7, 2014

We’re in the mood for a post about travel today. If you’re on tour, you can relate with this post.

Have you tried travelling with your family and friends on an air-conditioned bus? Yes. I'm talking about field trips! Isn't it fun and exciting?

These days, the popularity of the travel industry is evident. Obviously, Philippines Bus Rentals take the lead in the industry because it is safe, affordable and reliable.

What are the possible services offered by bus rental companies? Some people go for personal trips with their family and friends. Bus rental is convenient for them. Others rent buses for school field trips to discover new things, interact with other people and understand the environment. Let’s not forget religious tours for pilgrimage, missionary travel, retreat and religious tourist attraction. We can also avail of corporate outings such as summer outing, brain storming, team building and sports activity.

For group travel, buses are necessary because it can accommodate up to 53 passengers. Aside from that, it has complete facilities and amenities such as on board video and stereo, microphone, overhead luggage rack and even Internet connection.

Usually, the rental services offered are whole day, half day, one way, pick and drop and overnight. It’s so convenient for long distance trips.

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The Art of Living a Balanced Life

| Jul 24, 2014
Before the wellness revolution began in four corners of the world, many people just stay at home and complete boring tasks. At that time, travel is not also very popular. However, everything changed when the Information Age ushered the new era of social media and advancement of information technology.

So how are we going to live a balanced life these days?

There are many ways to do so. But we should master at least three useful ways to live a harmonious life.

Be optimistic.

Being optimistic is very important because things change abruptly these days. More often than not, negative things baffle a lot of people who are not prepared to accept everything in life. Personally, I follow the things mentioned in the poem “Desiderata” faithfully. It’s remarkable!

Take a vacation.

There are many places to visit nowadays. If you’re enamored with the beauty of Cavite province, try visiting many Cavite resorts, especially in Tagaytay area. You’ll never get bored since the area is full of captivating sights, sophisticated hotels and low-priced shopping items.

Learn new skills.

Why is it necessary to learn a new skill? We are in the midst of a fast-paced environment, competition is evident and being self-reliant is an important tool to survive these days. 
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Camp Out With Your Family and Friends

If you want to hit the road for an out-of-town trip, make a plan first. There are certain questions that you must answer. What are the suggestions of the family members? What activities that you want to do with them? Do you like camping? Maybe, you should consider many activities for the trip.

If you have decided to go camping with your family and friends, be prepared for it. You don’t have to go far to the mountains or to the beach to do it. If you know a nearby resort, or one of the popular Caviteresorts that allow camping activities, go for it. Others do it in their own backyard. By setting up a tent and gearing up with flashlights, you’ll have a feeling that you’re out in the woods with your family and friends.

Prepare canned goods to eat during breakfast. For lunch, you can bring your marinated meat or seafood for grilling. This is only applicable when you chose backyard camping. At night time, you can set a bonfire and gather all participants around it. As a leader, prepare a program for the night such as showcasing talents, story telling and sharing ideas and experiences.
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Gum Disease Laser Treatment by Trained Physicians

Well-trained physician – this is the person you really need to treat gum disease. Since the popularity of laser treatment ascends in the health sector of the society, we want our dentists to be well-educated in laser technology. No wonder Sultarc University Laser Treatmentand Research Center created and offered short programs to train dentists on handling laser treatment processes.

Lately, I finished a research about treating gum disease in different ways. I also came across with kids who are afraid of going to the dentist. If you’re not aware, many adults are also afraid to visit the dentist. 

It’s a funny situation in the field of dental treatment nowadays. Luckily, there are many ways to minimize fear while having dental treatment. Personally, I’m amazed with the laughing gas. Have you tried it?
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